2023 Cookie Sales Supports our Camps!  

                                              Cookie Sales Begin January 6th thru  Feb. 26th!

Look for more information coming, we will be doing training in our meeting for the girls
and the parents!
  We will be scheduling booths and will post it as soon as we have all the dates and places confirmed. 
 If you know of a small buisness that would allow us to sell, please let us know and we will contact them to set it up, don't set it up with out letting us know as we have rules that we have to follow from our girl scout council and for the safety of the girls.
New cookie this year raspberry rally --online orders only!  DO NOT order extras to sell, you can loose your girls money and cookie privileges.  Also NO WALKABOUTS at any large PUBLIC VENUE i.e. the Phoenix Open, The Football stadium, ASU Campus, the Zoo.   We have agreements with these organizations for financial support in large dollar amounts and don't want to jeopardize them!  Plus if caught you will loose your girls money and cookie selling privileges.  Absolutely no selling near or in front of a cannabis store or smoke shop!!!  You should be doing walkabouts in your neighborhoods!!  Please remember to use Girl Scout safety when doing them.  The girls will have training on what not to do and how to handle door to door sales!

Cookie Seller Awards to be announced here!!

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